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“Bonnie helped me through a significant period of transformation in my life. She seems to have an innate ability to see what I need to work on, picks up the subtle clues that I am missing, and is great at getting me to delve to the source of an issue. I would definitely work with her again as I found her to be supportive, understanding and non-judgmental with what I was going through.”  Joshua B

“I want to express my thanks to you for the care you gave me during my cancer treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma of the scalp.  After the sessions I felt much more relaxed and energized.  You are a sweet and very caring person and I am glad to have had the honor of meeting you and the reward of experiencing your very professional services.” Trudy

“Your intuitive ability and rapid assessment of my health issues were fantastic.  I appreciated your clarity and support and how comfortable I felt with you.  I felt so much better afterward.  Thank you for that -- you are truly gifted!”  Pamela A.

“I appreciate the clarity about what needed to be address -- you were right on.  Within hours I felt lighter, I spoke clearly and confidently to a prospective client, and my energy was higher. You are a gift and I am grateful” Karla Bristow

“Bonnie is such a perceptive intuitive that she took me right to the heart of my issues in a remarkably easy and direct way.  It felt such a blessing to be truly understood, and then an even greater blessing that Bonnie knew exactly how to make the right changes to get the greatest benefit for me. I deeply appreciate her gentle, wise, open hearted approach.”  Josie

"The small beautiful voice within all of us guided me towards Bonnie and I'm forever grateful. Bonnie is an extraordinary healer. She has a way, like no other, to hear beyond our words and move into our Soul's longing.  It is from this sacred place that she is able to guide us towards greater awareness, healing and true freedom. Her nature is gentle, compassionate and kind and her style is powerful, accurate and direct.  I received insights, tools and 'aha' moments which have taken my healing into a whole new level of expansion in such a short period of time. I recommend Bonnie to anyone who is serious about their healing".  Carolyn R.

“I was amazed at how deeply I was able to go into my own inner work in just 1 hour and I am truly looking forward to what I can do in my life in the 3 part series. Bonnie is a skillful and thoughtful teacher, she facilitates the process of inner work with each person, helping us to bring out what we need and want to see, and leading us through our own gate home.” Katie G



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