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The One Command is a powerful spiritual tool for transformation.


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Take a journey into the secrets of your own enlightenment, where you look beneath the hidden layers of your life to discover the Forgotten Treasure that is You. 





Prosperity Consciousness:  Exercising your power of choice





Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut:  Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person in today’s world





Freedom of Gratitude




Step into your new position as a Money Generator, calm your Money Nerves and create abundance from a new set of Money Beliefs. An hour of the One
Commands you need to release yourself from the prison of scarcity and lack and a
Meditation to lock in your changes.


Realign Your Mind to Cash





In this two-part teleseminar, learn how The One Command supports and embraces your spiritual journey as well as your religious beliefs. 


Bonus gifts included:

* Integrate The One Command with Your Spiritual and Religious Life

* Unlock Your Stress Factors mp3 with Bonnie Strehlow & Dr. Katie Garnett

* Behavioral Styles mp3 with Dr. Katie Garnett

* Leadership and Connection Interview with LeeAnn Gibbs

* The Lost Chapter by Beverly Jones


Spirituality, Religion and The
One Command Part 1 and 2






Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often




Healing Your Relationship with Your Mother: Will I Ever Be Good Enough? 






Timeless Mind Ageless Body





Living as Your Soul Meditation




Beyond the Fat





Save Financial Christmas